Rank Character Points
4601warrior Pvpjit, w363
4602wizard Nanhadao, w152
4603warrior Queen, w342
4604warrior Quotac, w322
4605warrior Mrxr, w12
4606warrior Quotaf, w322
4607wizard Masjekkk, w372
4608wizard Masjekk, w372
4609warrior Quotaae, w22
4610warrior Quotaai, w22
4611warrior Rimuru, w372
4612warrior Quotaan, w22
4613warrior Quotaaaar, w22
4614warrior Kingworldz, w342
4615warrior Luco, w372
4616warrior Kevritand, w372
4617warrior Cocooo, w372
4618warrior Kkkooo, w372
4619warrior Worldsunz, w362
4620warrior Sunzworld, w362
4621warrior Callmesunz, w362
4622warrior Batam, w342
4623warrior Paraaas, w342
4624warrior Henz, w342
4625warrior Hot, w342
4626warrior Angrybird, w342
4627wizard Mikosemua, w92
4628wizard Pvpmikoooo, w92
4629wizard Mikosis, w92
4630wizard Keacky, w92
4631wizard Winonicart, w92
4632warrior Cheess, w231
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