What is VIP?

VIP is permanent character status that you receive after any purchase (any amount of Platinum or Premium).
  • Priority Login
  • Stamina Bonus (+50% Experience)
  • Highscores

O que é Premium?

Premium is renewable subscription that gives you temporary access to most of game features. When your Premium time expires your character remains VIP.
  • Full access to additional islands
  • Uso do Portal
  • 20 friendlist slots
  • 20 ignorelist slots
  • 20 letters in Mailbox
  • 10 ofertas comerciais
  • 9 depot pages
  • 50% of EP loss protection upon death (can be upgraded to 80% or 100%)
  • Guild Founding
  • 8 Platinum per day of your Premium time (Example: 30 days * 8 Platinum = 240 Platinum)

O que é Platina?

Platinum is game currency that allows you to buy permanent access to game features of your choice.
  • Buy permanent access to individual islands
  • Buy portal usage permanently
  • Até 50 slots de lista de amigos adicionais
  • Buy up to 50 letters in Mailbox
  • Buy up to 20 trade offers
  • Até 9 páginas de depósito adicionais
  • Buy a life insurance with 50%, 80% or 100% of EP loss protection upon death
  • Buy additional Rerolls whenever you need them
  • Buy guild founding
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