Name Level Mana Stats Dropped by
Little sword lvl0 hit1-12 Bug
Short sword lvl5 hit1-16 Acid slime , Ooze , Slime , Wolf
Sword lvl15 hit1-35 Bear , Rabid bear , Rabid bear
Fire sword lvl19 fire1-40 Sheriff
Bommelsword lvl22 fire5-43 General hu , Instructor , Primeguard , Recruit , Tempguard , Warden , Warden
(+)  Fire sword lvl25 fire1-59 Sheriff
Hallowed sword lvl38 hit1-70   soul1-15
(+)  Hallowed sword lvl38 hit1-80   soul1-17
Comet sword lvl44 energy1-80   hit1-20
Sword of legend lvl69 hit1-20   soul1-20   ice15-100 Abysson , Crystallon , Dragon , Ice dragon , Mythrilon , Shiveron
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