Food and potions
Item Effect Duration Description
Baked Apple HP300 Mana300
Blue Rift Jewel Mana3%-7%
Brew of no harm 60 sec or until cancelled Reduces damage taken by the player by 100%.
Divine Health Potion HP1500
Divine Mana potion Mana1200
Divine Might Potion HP1500 Mana1200
Eggs HP50
Elder Health Potion HP3200
Elder Mana Potion Mana2400
Elder Might Potion HP3200 Mana2400
Fine Health Potion HP1250
Fine Mana Potion Mana1050
Fine Might Potion HP1250 Mana1050
Great Health Potion HP800
Great Mana Potion Mana750
Great Might Potion HP800 Mana750
Great Miracle Herb wizard HP650 Mana1250
Great Ramen warrior HP1350 Mana350
Green Rift Jewel HP1%-5% Mana1%-5%
Health Potion HP650
Healthy Steak HP600
Holiday Roast HP10000 Mana10000
Lesser Health Potion HP300
Lesser Mana Potion Mana300
Lesser Might Potion HP300 Mana300
Major Health Potion HP1000
Major Mana Potion Mana900
Major Might Potion HP1000 Mana900
Mana Banana HP350 Mana400
Mana Mushroom Mana600
Mana Potion Mana600
Might Potion HP650 Mana600
Milk Mana50
Minor Health Potion HP150
Minor Mana Potion Mana150
Minor Might Potion HP150 Mana150
Miracle Herb wizard HP450 Mana850
Mulled Wine Mana600
Pumpkin HP50 Mana50
Ramen warrior HP900 Mana250
Red Rift Jewel HP3%-7%
Small Health Potion HP450
Small Mana Potion Mana450
Small Might Potion HP450 Mana450
Small Miracle Herb wizard HP250 Mana450
Small Ramen warrior HP450 Mana150
Sun Emerald HP100% Mana100%
Sun Ruby HP100%
Sun Sapphire Mana100%
Tasty Fish HP500 Mana250
Winterfeast Walnut HP600
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