Hrago w26
16.03.2014 02:46
For full installer visit my blog at

Devilden w10
16.03.2014 05:04
lanjutkan gan.. Bgian yg tersulit mungkin mrubah monsters 3d

Hrago w26
16.03.2014 06:52
yap bro, itu smua kalau full. Mgkn 3mb up, msh dcoba nanti. tktnya ram s60v2 gk ada yg kuat :)

WM-Molodoy w13
16.03.2014 07:04
What is the difference between parts 1-3? They look the same on screenshots.

Hrago w26
16.03.2014 11:25
Hai wm molodoy :) It is mbm file contents. All 1 file tibiamenya too big if I upload here. so I cut it into 3 parts. Please wapmaster check, all the files safe. :). thanks

Hrago w26
16.03.2014 11:31
And this is all too TibiaME s60v2 high resolution version, despite all the clipped skin remains mbm 1 is at the 1. As for part 2, part 3. Only mbm files islands

WM-Molodoy w13
16.03.2014 21:15
I have increased file size limits, please upload the theme as a single file then I will delete these 3 files.

Hrago w26
17.03.2014 03:59
But I've tried, the file, if in the pack 1.02 mb. And I continued uploads fail, if wapmaster clear, I'll try to upload again

WM-Molodoy w13
17.03.2014 09:09
I had changed file size limit to 1.5MB already. If you have slow connection and still can't upload it - you can send it to email in my profile and I'll upload it for you.

Hrago w26
17.03.2014 09:25
Well, I'll try again. Send to the email. Because I'm busy, so now I have not uploaded

Hrago w26
17.03.2014 09:50
for my skin could be uploaded again, because there is a friend who already time I'll send back the hi-res TibiaME via email. Thank wm Molodoy

Avnandz w1
19.03.2014 13:12
Saya pikir kalo sampe full 3D smua .Ram s60v2 gak bkal kuat dan bakal lemot saat dibuka dan dimainkan :)

Hrago w26
20.03.2014 03:31
Iya avnandz. ini aja bru pulau. udah sendat2 mainnya. Itu saya belum coba edit semua, kalu emg bisa, saya akan share d blog.
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