Rank Character Points
10651warrior Ab, w42
10652warrior Ac, w42
10653warrior Ae, w42
10654warrior Af, w42
10655wizard Kingpvpw, w272
10656warrior Sheriff, w132
10657warrior Archangel, w332
10658wizard Mzbbyangel, w332
10659warrior Tb, w132
10660wizard Pvponeb, w282
10661wizard Pvponed, w282
10662wizard Pvpa, w272
10663wizard Pvpd, w272
10664wizard Pvpe, w272
10665wizard Pvpf, w272
10666wizard Kingpvpc, w272
10667wizard Pvponef, w282
10668warrior Emmmmmmmmm, w222
10669wizard Pvpx, w282
10670wizard Fmmmmmmmmm, w222
10671wizard Pvpw, w282
10672wizard Lmmmmmmmmm, w222
10673wizard Pvpt, w282
10674wizard Nmmmmmmmmm, w222
10675wizard Pinqping, w152
10676warrior Mercury, w142
10677wizard Adiil, w192
10678wizard Pvpr, w282
10679wizard Kingpvpy, w271
10680wizard Kingpvpz, w271
10681wizard Pvpb, w271
10682wizard Pvpc, w271
10683wizard Pvpg, w271
10684wizard Kingpvpf, w271
10685warrior Zumou, w21
10686wizard Kingpvpi, w271
10687wizard Arenae, w271
10688wizard Kingpvpj, w271
10689wizard Kingpvpk, w271
10690wizard Kingpvpl, w271
10691wizard Kingpvpo, w271
10692wizard Kingpvpp, w271
10693wizard Kingpvpq, w271
10694wizard Kingpvps, w271
10695wizard Kingpvpt, w271
10696wizard Kingpvpu, w271
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