Rank Character Points
10601wizard Pvpp, w271
10602wizard Pvpt, w271
10603wizard Pvpv, w271
10604wizard Pvpy, w271
10605wizard Pvpz, w271
10606wizard Kingpvpi, w271
10607wizard Kingpvpj, w271
10608wizard Kingpvpk, w271
10609wizard Kingpvpl, w271
10610wizard Kingpvpo, w271
10611wizard Kingpvpp, w271
10612wizard Kingpvpq, w271
10613wizard Kingpvps, w271
10614wizard Kingpvpt, w271
10615wizard Kingpvpu, w271
10616wizard Kingpvpy, w271
10617wizard Kingpvpz, w271
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