Rank Character Points
10601wizard Kingpvph, w272
10602warrior Ep, w282
10603warrior Blarterig, w52
10604wizard Kingpvpm, w272
10605wizard Pvponey, w282
10606wizard Pvpa, w282
10607wizard Pvpc, w282
10608wizard Aquaries, w222
10609warrior Aquarios, w222
10610wizard Slynashi, w222
10611warrior Ammmmmmmmm, w222
10612wizard Bmmmmmmmmm, w222
10613warrior Cmmmmmmmmm, w222
10614warrior Dmmmmmmmmm, w222
10615warrior Demonp, w52
10616warrior Boyzins, w292
10617wizard Kingpvpv, w272
10618warrior Ab, w42
10619warrior Ac, w42
10620warrior Ae, w42
10621warrior Af, w42
10622warrior Xie, w212
10623wizard Kingpvpw, w272
10624warrior Emmmmmmmmm, w222
10625wizard Pvpb, w271
10626wizard Pvpc, w271
10627wizard Pvpg, w271
10628wizard Pvph, w271
10629wizard Kingpvpf, w271
10630warrior Zumou, w21
10631wizard Kingpvpi, w271
10632wizard Arenae, w271
10633wizard Kingpvpj, w271
10634wizard Kingpvpk, w271
10635wizard Kingpvpl, w271
10636wizard Kingpvpo, w271
10637wizard Kingpvpp, w271
10638wizard Kingpvpq, w271
10639wizard Kingpvps, w271
10640wizard Kingpvpt, w271
10641wizard Kingpvpu, w271
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