Rank Character Points
10601wizard Pvpm, w272
10602wizard Pvpn, w272
10603wizard Pvpo, w272
10604wizard Pvps, w272
10605wizard Pvpu, w272
10606wizard Pvpv, w272
10607wizard Pvpw, w272
10608wizard Kingpvpc, w272
10609wizard Pvponef, w282
10610wizard Pvponeg, w282
10611wizard Mmmmmmmmms, w332
10612wizard Wizard, w192
10613wizard Xxdomuksxx, w142
10614wizard Kingpvpe, w272
10615wizard Pvponei, w282
10616wizard Pvponeh, w282
10617warrior Batampvp, w232
10618warrior Batamgod, w232
10619warrior Batampro, w232
10620warrior Moonton, w232
10621wizard Moonkiller, w232
10622wizard Pvponek, w282
10623wizard Elole, w262
10624warrior Nuz, w132
10625wizard Pvpb, w271
10626wizard Pvpc, w271
10627wizard Pvpg, w271
10628wizard Pvph, w271
10629wizard Pvpj, w271
10630wizard Pvpk, w271
10631wizard Pvpl, w271
10632wizard Pvpp, w271
10633wizard Pvpq, w271
10634wizard Pvpr, w271
10635wizard Pvpt, w271
10636wizard Pvpx, w271
10637warrior Batambatam, w231
10638warrior Batampinx, w231
10639warrior Moonkingz, w231
10640warrior Batamhero, w231
10641wizard Kingpvpf, w271
10642wizard Arenab, w271
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