Rank Character Points
10551warrior Superover, w153
10552warrior Superclock, w153
10553warrior Supersell, w153
10554wizard Supergoo, w153
10555wizard Superloot, w153
10556warrior Supergx, w153
10557warrior Masterhao, w153
10558warrior Superktk, w153
10559wizard Superkt, w153
10560warrior Superten, w153
10561warrior Supercity, w153
10562warrior Everqdc, w333
10563wizard Superglas, w153
10564warrior Superlive, w153
10565warrior Evaru, w273
10566wizard Elole, w263
10567warrior Jokizzzz, w53
10568warrior Mrzeal, w333
10569warrior Noobies, w333
10570wizard Kingpvpn, w273
10571warrior Palirrrrr, w23
10572warrior Palirrrrrr, w23
10573wizard Kingpvpr, w273
10574warrior Febryan, w223
10575warrior Smileboyz, w223
10576warrior Dmmmmmmmmm, w223
10577wizard Azabhorus, w143
10578wizard Pvpz, w283
10579wizard Azabmu, w143
10580wizard Kingpvpx, w273
10581wizard Favelamdrs, w183
10582wizard Hellunic, w123
10583wizard Kmmmmmmmmm, w223
10584wizard Lxs, w53
10585wizard Matitah, w143
10586wizard Pvps, w283
10587warrior Zmmmmmmmmm, w223
10588warrior Gods, w42
10589warrior Sheriff, w132
10590warrior Archangel, w332
10591wizard Mzbbyangel, w332
10592warrior Tb, w132
10593wizard Pvponeb, w282
10594wizard Pvponed, w282
10595wizard Pvpa, w272
10596wizard Pvpd, w272
10597wizard Pvpe, w272
10598wizard Pvpf, w272
10599wizard Kingpvpc, w272
10600wizard Pvponef, w282
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