Rank Character Points
1warrior Exploz, w2490
2wizard Erika, w23488
3warrior Indonesia, w10481
4warrior Perkasa, w10474
5warrior Rixester, w1473
6warrior Shanksrock, w10471
7warrior Chenzte, w13469
8warrior Goldens, w8467
9wizard Marlonx, w1466
10warrior Iwanllxll, w10461
11wizard Victory, w13460
12warrior Aleksandre, w2456
13warrior Krog, w3451
14warrior Arez, w10451
15wizard Kingturk, w1449
16warrior Dom, w11446
17wizard Kikyo, w23445
18wizard Love, w11442
19warrior Kagomee, w23442
20wizard Amex, w10437
21wizard Magikk, w1434
22warrior Qwert, w2432
23warrior Shadou, w1432
24warrior Oldfather, w1431
25warrior Koncel, w30430
26wizard Vyschalya, w3429
27wizard Plazsis, w2428
28warrior Fusing, w11425
29warrior Xx, w12424
30wizard Jokerx, w7424
31warrior Immortal, w23423
32warrior Kekey, w16421
33warrior Fw, w12421
34warrior Chibin, w22419
35wizard Denxz, w18419
36wizard Hujnagas, w14416
37wizard Hanlim, w11416
38warrior Limerson, w11416
39warrior Sandrony, w2415
40warrior Masters, w30413
41wizard Fedor, w2412
42wizard Kupukupu, w1412
43wizard Vanek, w2411
44wizard Quens, w12409
45wizard Ryuto, w10409
46warrior Dreavyn, w22408
47wizard Abel, w8406
48wizard Avalone, w7404
49warrior Rajahao, w32403
50warrior Prgy, w18403
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