Rank Character Points
51warrior Leejunhe, w2394
52warrior Onnel, w10393
53wizard Ashyri, w14392
54warrior Quickslver, w23391
55wizard Zumpzu, w25389
56wizard Quens, w12389
57warrior Hdc, w23389
58wizard Ngui, w30388
59warrior Ratibor, w11388
60warrior Hureu, w25387
61wizard Avalone, w7387
62warrior Mosters, w7386
63warrior Farsalos, w3386
64wizard Aldhy, w17385
65wizard Devil, w12385
66wizard Plazsis, w2385
67warrior Legendboyz, w24384
68warrior Hulck, w32384
69warrior Prgy, w18384
70wizard Sujung, w30383
71wizard Xena, w10383
72warrior Henxiangnj, w32382
73wizard Xmr, w2382
74warrior Megaviruz, w15381
75warrior Sneaker, w18381
76wizard Cielun, w30381
77wizard Smokin, w1381
78wizard Lort, w1381
79wizard Jetli, w4380
80wizard Truelove, w32380
81warrior Rogzum, w25380
82wizard Cari, w27379
83warrior Messilent, w10379
84warrior Aryz, w16378
85warrior Gaf, w16378
86wizard Myuser, w30378
87warrior Sun, w28376
88warrior Zephyrum, w32376
89warrior Allena, w12376
90wizard Fedor, w2376
91wizard Argaloth, w19375
92warrior Syaher, w30375
93wizard Jking, w1375
94wizard Twinturbo, w2375
95wizard Evxariss, w2375
96warrior Princesjul, w29374
97warrior Onehearts, w12374
98warrior Murderer, w13373
99warrior Ronin, w25373
100wizard Falsmania, w23373
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