Rank Character Points
1wizard Adventurer, w11518
2warrior Exploz, w2515
3wizard Erika, w23515
4warrior Rixester, w1504
5warrior Shanksrock, w15503
6warrior Hosna, w11500
7warrior Perkasa, w15495
8wizard Marlonx, w11494
9warrior Indonesiae, w15494
10warrior Krog, w9493
11warrior Aleksandre, w2490
12wizard Love, w11490
13warrior Zeush, w15490
14warrior Aliexandra, w15488
15warrior Archgod, w33481
16warrior Kagomee, w23475
17wizard Kikyo, w23473
18warrior Odading, w33472
19warrior Jefferzon, w2468
20warrior Betuah, w32467
21wizard Maylovebr, w1467
22warrior Anakayam, w32467
23warrior Naufalnx, w1466
24wizard Vyschalya, w9465
25warrior Sillent, w15465
26warrior Mastersz, w33464
27wizard Magikk, w1461
28wizard Hau, w23461
29wizard Ottwayz, w1460
30warrior Leejunhe, w2458
31warrior Fusing, w11458
32warrior Oldtanker, w1457
33wizard Shankz, w11453
34warrior Smael, w23452
35warrior Dreavyn, w15452
36wizard Fuji, w33451
37wizard Mrbad, w34450
38warrior Lando, w15450
39wizard Amarylis, w15449
40wizard Twinturbo, w2446
41wizard Fedor, w2446
42warrior Rashford, w15446
43wizard Denxz, w7443
44wizard Acecik, w11443
45wizard Sneyp, w9442
46wizard Tangyi, w1442
47warrior Kekey, w11442
48wizard Truelove, w32441
49warrior Sunflower, w32441
50wizard Amex, w15441
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