Rank Character Points
1warrior Hurt, w35564
2warrior Paraaas, w2555
3warrior Rixestopbr, w37547
4wizard Adventurer, w11534
5warrior Machau, w33533
6warrior Messilent, w15523
7warrior Exploz, w2521
8warrior Shanksrock, w15519
9wizard Erika, w23515
10warrior Liukangz, w33513
11warrior Krog, w9512
12wizard Hokkaidoa, w9511
13warrior Jefferzon, w2509
14warrior Agods, w33509
15warrior Aleksandre, w2505
16wizard Love, w11504
17warrior Nadieluv, w9503
18warrior Aliexandra, w15501
19warrior Perkasa, w15500
20warrior Leejunhe, w2500
21warrior Ac, w35497
22warrior Zeush, w15497
23wizard Maylovebr, w1495
24warrior Odading, w33495
25wizard Kikyo, w23491
26warrior Kagomee, w23488
27wizard Scampi, w2486
28warrior Naufalnx, w1478
29warrior Oldtanker, w1478
30warrior Sneaker, w7477
31warrior Fusing, w11477
32warrior Sartassa, w2477
33warrior Ery, w34476
34wizard Acecik, w11475
35warrior Sillent, w15475
36wizard Vyschalya, w15475
37wizard Buayaiblis, w32474
38wizard Magikk, w1474
39wizard Paragirlz, w37472
40warrior Limerson, w11471
41warrior Mastersza, w1471
42warrior Ocean, w33470
43wizard Fedor, w2470
44wizard Mrlimboss, w15470
45warrior Smael, w35468
46wizard Tsjunz, w33468
47wizard Sylvia, w11468
48warrior Dreavyn, w15466
49wizard Socutes, w11465
50wizard Oyster, w2461
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