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14.12.2018 08:52
Odon Raid
This raid can now be found on Aurea, where Odon found a new place for his black celebrations. For testing purposes we will shorten the intervalls between the raid so it should be possible to test.
The entrance Halls of Blood, where Odon will appear, is hidden and you must find out how to access it. Perhaps you should look in the existing buildings for changes and clues.

War beneath
The war beneath can be accessed by two entrance points. Hints on how to find these can be gotten from NPC Meltor in Aurea. But he will give you only on hint at a time. He also starts the War Beneath Questline.
To get to the entrance point you will need an item. The NPC text will give you an hint on what item you need. Use the item at the right location and you will reach the entrance point.

You will reach the war caverns in the base camp of one of the two factions. Find the leader and join the faction. Once you joined a faction, the monsters of this faction will no longer attack you, and you will not be able to attack them. But you will still be able to attack the monsters of the other faction and the players that joined the other faction.

By doing tasks for the faction you joined, you will get tokens that you can trade for items that give you special buffs. Doing tasks will also make you rise in ranks in the faction. To get promoted to an higher rank, talk to the faction leader. A higher rank means that you can get better items when trading. When reaching the highest rank, you will get a quest item. When you have the quest items from both factions, you will be able to access a closed area where you can get the new level 119 spell and some additional buff items.

You can change between factions freely. Just go to the leader of a faction and ask. But by doing so, you will loose all the progress with your previous faction. But this might be worthwhile, as the different factions have different buff items available.

New Achievements
There are 8 new achievements. 4 public and 4 hidden ones. One of the hidden achievements differs depending on a decision you make.

New MTX Weapons
Need some new weapons for your hunting experience? Buy some brand new level 89 weapons at the marketplace.

Please note that some ambient graphics in the war caverns are still missing. We will add these during the testing phase.

For closed beta test info our testers should proceed here: http://tibia-me.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2163

 Venom w10
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25.12.2018 00:45
New Outfit For Pet


 Venom w10
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25.12.2018 00:46
new Island daily quest For level 90 - 150.

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